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Adventures in life, I always sought. But the professional adventures I had - I never could have dreamt of!

Curiosity, impact and interaction motivates me above all. I have a lot of energy, deep curiosity and love learning. I have had a front seat at the table in many domains.

  • As I know, when I was 29 I was the youngest female CEO of a venture firm in Israel.

  • I have been active on many sides of the table in the Israeli ecosystem, and often in an international context (Europe, US, China).

  • My hats include-

    • CEO, Head of Research, Mobility / Oil Independence Tech Pioneer

    • Strategist, Sales,  Business Development, Mentor and Advisor- from fintech to femtech

    • Investor, Investment Banker

    • Energy Expert

    • Futurism Public Speaker and writer

      • and more


I established this website to showcase a few my personal interests and activities.​ As per my life, it is a work in progress and I intend to update from time to time.

Our Clients

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